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Made in Seattle Collection

We have so many talented artists and crafters in the Seattle Area. We have curated a great collection of talented designers that make their baby, kids and adult clothing or toys right here in the Seattle Area. Each designer takes time to put a great deal of importance in design, wear, material sourcing, and style that fits the combo of edgy, eco friendly, innovative, and modern.


Nesh from Bootyland Clothing
Budding Stem
City Kids Style

Dana Sullivan Author

Dandy Stitch
Desiree Stone
Hazel Dell
Imp Wear
Jeanette Stover Fairies
Kelley Greenewood
Little Orange Room
Magical Childe
Om baby
Crochet by Pat Vivian
Pattern and Posie
Simply Sweet Makings
So Suzette
Spider Baby
Tender Toppers
The Home Made Kid
The Sweet Potatoe
Two Owls